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Intact Analytics Webinar

Sign up today for Intact’s free free 1-hour Analytics Webinar to learn about how leaders in the audit world are analyzing audit data to gain insights, manage risk, and identify anomalies. Intact Audit Analytics is the cutting edge in using big data methods, human intelligence, and advanced know-how from the leader in certification and audit software.

Available times and sign up information. You may attend any webinar that works for your availability:

Europe / Middle East / Africa
March 25, 5 pm / 17:00 o'clock
(Central European Time — CET)

Oceania / Australia / New Zealand
March 25, 4 pm
(Australian Eastern Standard Time — AEST)

USA / Canada / Mexico
March 25, 9 am
(Pacific Standard Time — PST)

Did you miss Intacts' well-received Analytics Session at the recent GFSI Conference in Seattle? Want to dive deeper and learn about how to get the most out of your audit data? Do you ever wonder if your audit data and work is being used to your maximum benefit? Wondering how standard setters around the world can, and do, use audit data to improve their programs? Then this webinar is the right place for you.

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Your Intact Team

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